Part 1: How can clinics succeed with PrEP?

Healthvana’s digital tools make it easier for clinics to identify, educate and keep patients on PrEP (see clinic and patient tools below)

Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read

PrEP is one of the most important HIV prevention tools we have today; a once-a-day pill that virtually eliminates the risk of getting HIV if taken correctly. It is an absolute game-changer. Clinics prescribing PrEP can stop many people from getting HIV, but, as you know, barriers exist hindering this*

  1. EMRs & their patient portals can’t help: They were not built to support clinic staff managing patients on PrEP. Instead, staff rely on inadequate, labor-intensive tools like computer spreadsheets to log who is on PrEP and the telephone to try to stay in-touch with patients about everything (e.g., labs, refills, insurance, appointments) to keep them compliant with PrEP.
  2. Not enough education about PrEP: Many patients are still unaware of PrEP. And a large number of staff have not yet learned how to initiate speaking about PrEP & its benefits.

We need to address these barriers: Today, too many eligible patients are not starting PrEP and many patients who have started PrEP have abandoned treatment.** Thankfully, there are now interventions to help deliver more effective PrEP care.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to software for PrEP

Enter Healthvana’s easy-to-use, evidence-based digital tools supporting staff on all things PrEP. Since 2015, Healthvana has been a leader in sexual health helping over 200,000 patients across 15 states. Healthvana facilitates the communication between staff and their patients. Through Healthvana, providers can inform and interact with their patients at each step of treatment. And patients can access Healthvana directly on their mobile phone to make better health decisions. Patients who use Healthvana return for STD treatment 2 days faster (American Journal of Public Health).

For PrEP care, Healthvana helps clinic staff:

  1. kickstart the conversation with new patients about PrEP through digitized & customized patient intake forms
  2. educate patients about PrEP and get them back into the clinic for quarterly testing (a prerequisite to refill on PrEP) by sending automated reminders
  3. streamline how to manage patients on PrEP through a clinic dashboard
  4. make it easier to communicate with patients outside the clinic through HIPAA-compliant text-based messages. Quick note: See how messaging has made a positive impact on patient care for one of our customers
  5. reduce incoming and outgoing phone calls by delivering interpreted lab results with next steps to patients to access on their mobile phone

Healthvana’s PrEP software for clinics

Clinic dashboards help staff track the care history of patients taking PrEP
Clinic staff can log when patients start taking PrEP

Healthvana’s PrEP tools for patients

Final Thoughts:

The Healthvana team cares deeply about reducing HIV transmission and our software is one piece in the HIV prevention fight.

The best way to learn more about Healthvana is to see a demo. Please email to set one up.

*Part 2: How can clinics succeed with PrEP? will share how Healthvana can increase clinic income with PrEP

**As of 2016, an estimated 10% of the 1.2 million people living in the US at substantial risk for HIV infection have started PrEP & less than 7% were still taking PrEP

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