If you don’t understand how to properly calculate it, you’ll never keep the weight off!

One of the main reasons we’re so over weight at the moment is because we suffer from a lack of self-appreciation and we don’t value our bodies like we do material things. We take it for granted and this leads us to think that it’s OK to eat unhealthy foods because they offer us instant pleasure, and we value those pleasures more than we do our body and health.

This lack of appreciation leads us to indulge in simple pleasures and one of the major ones is eating. We constantly choose to eat high calorie processed foods because they give us instant gratification and pleasure and we don’t consider the side effects. That’s why the philosopher John Stuart Mill came up with a calculator that distinguished between simple pleasures and higher pleasures, and that, determined how happy you actually were. Eating and drinking were considered simple pleasures and reading, education and logic were considered higher pleasures.

If you think about it, indulging in the simple pleasures have a negative by-product of sickness and ill health because they’re a form of consumption that stimulate feel good chemicals in our bodies and it’s a cheap way of gaining happiness. On the other hand, the higher pleasures are to do with the mind and having the ability to critically think and enjoy matters that stimulate the mind (which releases similar chemicals in the body than the simple pleasures), allows you to have a by product of happiness because it gives you more control.

For example, if we take the topic of food. By being able to appreciate your body and know that eating junk food leads to weight gain and therefore unhappiness in the long term, you can figure out that by changing your decisions to eat tasty, delicious, healthy foods you can achieve the same degree of happiness in terms of taste and you also do your body good by feeding it the right foods. This leads you to becoming a healthier individual and so, makes you a happier person.

Using this ideology can lead you to being a happier and healthier individual. Just by differentiating and calculating the pleasures you’ll get the best outcome. Understanding that your body is an incredible machine that can allow you to do incredible things if the focus is right, means that your potential is only limited by your thoughts and actions! All you need to do is focus on the higher pleasures and you’ll begin to make better decisions that will lead to your wellbeing. Once you put yourself on that path, your potential is limitless.

Just remember that to each action there’s an opposite and equal reaction. A chocolate bar gives you instant pleasure but in the long run gives you more pain than pleasure because it makes you fat. That same pleasure you experience when eating that bar is giving you the same amount of pain down the line, the only difference is it’s accumulating the pain until it becomes visible on your body, which takes a little longer to be experienced…. Exercise on the other hand may give you current discomfort but massive amounts of future pleasure (note that the current discomfort eventually becomes current pleasure when you get in the habit of exercising) because it gives you the body and confidence that you want.

Here are five questions to keep in mind:

1. What is the probability that the pleasure or pain will occur?

2. How far off in the future is the pleasure or pain?

3. What is the probability that the pleasure/pain will lead to other pleasures?

4. What is the probability that the pain will lead to other pains/pleasures?

5. How many people are affected by the pleasure/pain?

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