5 Reasons Cat Parents Love PrettyLitter

by Rai Cornell

Daniel Rotman — PrettyLitter’s CEO and founder

Lightweight, multi-cat, ultra odor control — there are just too many options to choose from when it comes to picking a cat litter that’s right for your home.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and effectiveness. And we also believe in giving you the peace of mind of knowing your cat is healthy.

Here’s why thousands of cat lovers choose PrettyLitter above all the rest.

One bag of PrettyLitter lasts an entire month for one cat!

1. Half the Scooping

Just scoop the poop

The nitty gritty truth is that regular store-bought kitty litter is labor intensive. If you buy a clumping litter, you’re going to be scooping urine clumps and feces on the regular. Cat parents love PrettyLitter because it cuts the scooping by more than half!

PrettyLitter isn’t a clumping litter. Instead, it’s made of highly absorbent silica microcrystals. The microcrystals trap odor and bacteria and allow moisture to evaporate. The only scooping you’ll have to do is to remove feces. Since cats urinate more often than defecate, this means you have to spend far less time cleaning the litter box. Plus, no more messing with heavy, bulky clumps.

2. No Dust

PrettyLitter is virtually dust free!

Dust from clay litter is a huge problem for people and cats. According to veterinarians at Cornell University’s Feline Health Center, more than 800,000 cats in the United States suffer from feline asthma. Feline asthma can be acute (short term) or chronic (long term). Clay kitty litter creates dust that can cause or exacerbate a cat’s asthma problems.

Many pet owners also suffer from respiratory problems — like asthma, COPD, chronic sinusitis, allergies, and more — which can be aggravated by dusty clay litter. If you or someone in your home has breathing problems, clay litter can worsen your symptoms anytime you change the litter box or your cat decides to kick up a little dust.

PrettyLitter is entirely dust free. The tiny silica microcrystals can be poured, sifted, and kicked around and they won’t cause any irritation to your or your cat’s respiratory system.

3. Lightweight

No more struggling with heavy bags of litter

Recently cat litter brands have begun creating lightweight versions of clay kitty litter. While this is particularly good for cat owners who have arthritis or difficulty lifting heavy, bulky tubs of litter, lightweight clay litter is far more expensive than standard litter — often by 50% or more.

Lightweight clay litter also creates more dust since the granules can become airborne with little effort. This means more risk for you and your pet.

PrettyLitter is naturally lightweight without any added cost for the convenience. In fact, a single four-pound bag can last one cat an entire month. Leave the heavy lifting for the gym and make taking care of your cat as effortless as possible.

4. Odorless — Before and After

PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless.

Litter box odor is really the only downside to having a cat in the house. Their endearing cuddles and gorgeous eyes convince us to look past any other faults they may have, but odor is hard to ignore. While some clay litters try to mask the smell of urine and feces with added doses of baking soda or perfumes, we believe there’s a better way.

PrettyLitter has no scent. And, even better, it makes your litter box odorless, too. PrettyLitter’s silica micro crystals trap odors when they come in contact with anything your cat deposits. The specially designed silica also wicks moisture and allows it to quickly evaporate. Since bacteria need moisture to replicate — which causes foul odors — there isn’t a smell to be found around a PrettyLitter box.

5. Health Monitoring

colorful insights into your cat’s health

We’ve saved the best for last. Sure, PrettyLitter is proud to offer a convenient, safer, dust-free alternative to clay litter, but that’s not why we do what we do.

We love cats. Period. We want your cat to live a long, healthy life free of silent suffering. And we want you to enjoy every single day of your cat’s life without worry. PrettyLitter alerts you to a wide variety of health problems by changing color in the presence of high acidity, alkaline urine, and blood.

Cats are extraordinary creatures that add something special to the home. Whether your cat is is playful or stingy, sly or shy, we believe every cat’s unique personality should be cherished as long as possible.


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