Dog Food for Thought

When it comes to nutrition, humans and canines have a lot in common. Necessary nutrients are protein, fats, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and of course plenty of water. Regarding fruits and vegetables, we need plenty and can be helpful for dogs. There are numerous foods and drinks that many of us tend to enjoy. Looking at those yearning puppy dog eyes, we might be tempted to share our items, unknowing their impact upon our loyal companion.
 Fruits and vegetables are not needed, but can be very beneficial to our dogs because they have vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes go beyond that due to their high level of potassium, vitamin B, beta-carotene and antioxidants. We can provide our dogs with cancer-fighting foods. This is also true of blueberries and apples. They are great sources of fiber, but they are also high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Cranberries are helpful in treating urinary infections as well as good for dental hygiene.

Everything seems to have a flip side when feeding your dog.

Imagine washing a nice bunch of juicy grapes and a few escape, rolling away. Seems like a harmless item for you dog to clean up and enjoy. Think again, grapes can bring on sudden kidney failure! They interfere with the kidney’s ability to produce urine. This is true for raisins, which are just dried up grapes. Onions add so much flavor to so many of our dishes, but for your dog, it spells trouble! They react with cell membranes and can actually make them explode. If you’re cutting up a mass of onions and realize your dog’s eyes or gums are looking a bit yellow, it means a trip to the emergency room, animal hospital of course!

These days, so many people rave about avocados for their health benefits. Not all are created alike. They vary with their amount of persin. This is a toxic ingredient for our furry friends. It is more potent in the leaves, but is contained in all parts of the plant: leaves, meat, seeds and bark. Take this into consideration for your roaming friend within your garden should you decide to grow them yourself.

Keep the thought close to heart that what seems healthy to us could be not only dangerous, but deadly to our furry friends. Always air on the side of caution with human foods. Never underestimate the treat of a kind voice and a generous pat on the head! At Healthy Dogma we offer a wide variety of healthy dog food. Please visit us today!

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