Nature’s Perfect Chew Toy — Not Shoes — Antler Chews

Deer and elk antler chews for dogs are nature’s chew toy — and it certainly beats coming home to chewed up shoes! Each year, deer drop their old antlers in order to grow a new one in the spring time. Young antlers are composed of cartilage, but as they mature, they begin to form into bone. As they mature, they also form a thick covering of hair, called velvet, which protects the developing underlying antler.

While antlers may look like lifeless, they are actually one of the busiest parts of the deer’s body. In fact, they grow faster than bone. In the summer, deer’s antler can grow one inch every day. Even scientists meticulously study antlers for secrets on how cells grow and regenerate. Such findings may yield answers and solutions to cure certain forms of cancer and other diseases.

When the antlers have reached their full length, the velvet dries and falls off the antler. Then in the winter, the antlers fall off and are then picked up from the ground by other animals that love to chew on them.

But antlers aren’t just for forest and woodland animals. Dogs, taking a cue from other scavenging mammals, also love to chew on these all-natural and long-lasting bones.

Antler Chews, healthy dog treat

Here are some of their benefits:

Healthy: Antlers are composed of bone-like materials that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, like calcium and phosphorus that your dog needs. Antlers promote proper digestion and strong bone health.

Calorie-free: With the increasing number of dogs with weight problems, you can feel good about giving your dog these zero-calorie treats.

Odor-less: Antlers don’t contain any smell. They do promote teeth health and saliva production, leaving your dog with a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Clean: Antlers are the cleanest toy nature has to offer. They leave you with no messy residue like so many raw bones and other chew hides.

Safe: Antlers are very strong so they won’t splinter or crack like most other bones can. The antler is worn away gradually as your dog chews them over time.

Long-lasting: Antlers are incredibly long-lasting, which gives your dog hours of chew time that keeps them from chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. Most antlers can last for weeks or even months.

Natural and cruelty-free: Our antlers come from free-roaming deer or elk. No animals were ever harmed in the process of retrieving the deer antlers from natural habitats.

Size variety: Our antlers come in a variety of sizes. Whether your dog is small, medium-sized or large, you can find a perfectly sized antler just for your beloved pet.

Here at Healthy Dogma, we carry dog Antler Chews for your pooch to enjoy. When purchasing an antler for the first time, select a size that is appropriate for your dog’s body size. Supervise your dog at first so that he doesn’t over-aggressively chew the antler, as this may result in a broken tooth or choking.

If you have any questions about what size of an antler is best for your dog, give us a call at 248–693–7525. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. You can also visit our Healthy Dogma Facebook Page to stay up to date with our all of our healthy dog treats that your pooch will love!

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