5 Things to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Healthy

If you are thinking about petting a bearded dragon, stay assured that they make one of the most beautiful, fun loving, and easy to handle pets in the lizard family. With proper care, they can make you a happy and satisfied pet owner, and you are going to love your little dragon. It is one of the most sought after pet among the herptile hobbyists because of its friendly behavior, unique appearance, and happy-go-lucky nature.

Even though the bearded dragons have a minimum care requirement in lizard family and are tough herptile, there are still certain considerations that must be kept in mind while housing, feeding and petting the bearded dragon. Whether you are feeding him Natural Frozen Reptile Diets or want to keep him in a cage, here are the five things to keep your little-bearded dragon healthy.

Proper Enclosure

The bearded dragons are enclosure sensitive, and an inappropriate selection of habitat can have serious implications for their health. Even though, the bearded dragons can live in an aquarium; it is good to have a proper vivarium for your pet to live comfortably.

Typically, the wooden vivarium with front glass is a good option for the bearded dragon as it has a smooth to avoid nose trauma. The substrate of the enclosure should also be smooth to avoid foot injury. The vivarium should be large enough to allow movement of the reptile.

Landscaping and Furniture

In their natural habitat, bearded dragons are found in bushes and trees and basking on branches. They also live near rocks and stones. So, when decorating their vivarium, make sure it resembles their natural habitats. Provide few branches for basking and climbing. The plants also keep them hydrated and give a sense of security to the bearded dragons.

Keep Comfortable Temperatures

The bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals, so it is important to maintain comfortable temperatures in their habitat. You can use an external heat source such as incandescent bulb to keep them warm during the cold. A temperature too high or too low can affect the mobility, activeness, eating habits, and overall health of your bearded dragon. Apart from providing warmth, the incandescent bulbs can also lit the enclosure offering extra visibility to the dragon as these are active during the day.

Diet and Food

Bearded dragons are easy to feed because of the wide range of foods they eat. As omnivores, they require a diet mix of vegetables or herbs and meat. Most of the bearded dragons can live off the packaged foods and would not require live eating. When you pet a bearded dragon, search for a reliable pet shop or online store that provides Healthy Herp Instant Meals California and buy a balanced diet for your dragon.

If you feed your dragon by hand, it can develop a bonding between you and your pet.

Humidity and Hydration

A proper level of humidity and hydration is important for the dragon, but it can be easily managed. You can keep a shallow bowl of drinking water. However, the bearded dragon draws the most of its moisture by its diet.