Last week I mentioned that I spotted the prettiest blush mini-binder at The Container Store. I also mentioned that I love those fantastic mini-binders for organizing my coupons and receipts. And then I realized that I have been using the mini-binder organization for awhile now and I have yet to show you!

Between feeding a family of five and working on home organization and DIY projects around the clock, I run a lot of errands. Given my location, I try to consolidate my trips whenever possible. I live 20–60 minutes from the majority of my favorite shopping sources so I…

It’s that time of year again! The kids are home from school for the summer and we are trying to figure out schedules and daily activities and boundaries and sanity savers. We have already made a trip to the craft store to load up on supplies, picked up a couple books from the library and Amazon, enrolled the boys in a few summer classes and tuned up their bikes for hours of cruising the neighborhood. We had a rocky start just trying to get everyone adjusted to the freedoms of summer, but I think we are finally finding a good…

It is safe to say that all homeowners have an abundance of choices to make. What color siding would you like installed on your home? What type of roofing do you like best? Another thing to take into consideration is your home’s appliances. If you do not invest in a washer and dryer, you will be forced to head to the laundromat at least once or twice a week. This can be a major headache and very costly. There are many benefits associated with owning your own washer and dryer. …

If you’ve been around a while, you know I take summers off from regular blogging and podcasting. I’m simply not capable of throwing myself fully into both mothering and blogging so I choose mothering during these fleeting summers I have with my kids. But never fear, I have some suggestions for you if you fear going […]

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Did you know that today, June 8th, is World Oceans Day? I’m happy to serve as a Dawn Wildlife Ambassador since I’m already a fan of using Dawn to clean way more than dishes in my own home. I also love Dawn’s commitment to working with wildlife rescue organizations. This relationship began after bird rescuers determined […]

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We have been wanting to update the mirror in our son’s bathroom for quite some time but it had to be a very specific size. After months of looking for something in the right scale and finish, we decided to just make what we couldn’t find in stores. The best part is that it turned out to be extremely easy and budget friendly!

Quick backstory:

A few years ago we live-blogged our guest bathroom makeover over the course of a single week. It was ridiculously fun to pull inspiration, update the flooring, paint the walls and vanity, swap the sink…

I loved this message! Stella has an amazing and realistic perspective of the challenges of navigating change in your home when you’re not the only one who lives there. The main thing I know: You can’t change other people, but you can change your home. This podcast has helped me so much over the last couple of […]

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Today, I’m excited to share a FREE online event you’ll love — The Journey Together Summit, June 5–8 (you can also access this event after these dates — learn more) I’m joining hands with 34 leading authors with the sole mission of helping you discover new bravery. Whether you desire to be brave at home or at work, […]

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