Do you need hearing testing on the Gold Coast?

Hearing loss affects a significant proportion of the Australian public, and comes in many forms, from age-related hearing generation to genetic disorders and even work-related problems. Although you might think that you know what hearing loss means, the majority of people think that it simply means a reduction in the amount of sound that you can hear. However, because there are so many different types of hearing loss, it is not simply a matter of just not being able to hear everyday sounds. There are in fact several different types of hearing loss, all of which require hearing testing on the Gold Coast to evaluate properly, and all of which might be improved by using hearing aids.

Types of hearing loss and testing

The four main varieties of hearing loss can be discovered by testing, and include the most obvious one, which means that softer noises cannot be heard, or are incompletely heard. In addition, deafness might mean that particular speech varieties may not be clear, so people suffering this hearing loss don’t recognise key parts of speech. In another form, losing the full range of hearing may mean that it is not possible to hear loud noises comfortably. Finally, hearing loss may also include being unable to separate different levels of sound, so that conversations might be lost within background noises. If you suffer from any of these issues, then it is essential to take hearing tests on the Gold Coast in order to establish exactly what is causing your condition. A hearing test will measure what your hearing can and cannot pick up, and you will receive these results in the form of an audiogram.

Checking out your hearing

If you are concerned that you may be losing your hearing, and want to know what you can do about it, then you need to make sure that your hearing is fully tested. There are a number of different test that can be used in order to check out potential hearing loss, and these test will differ depending upon the age of the patient and their suspected hearing loss. A basic test involves audiometry, which is a series of beeps or loud noises which you need to respond to in order to complete the test. The lowest range of sounds will be marked on the audiogram, along with other tests including tympanometry and air conduction tests.

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