A poem for Valentine’s Day

Can I borrow your phone?
Why not? What’s going on?
Is that a new cologne?
C’mon, throw me a bone

I love you, I don’t want to lose this
Wake me each morning with a kiss
Tell me I’m the only one you miss
When you’re at work; that’s my bliss

Instead I feel we’re drifting
I’m in the dirty clothes sniffing
I know your gaze is shifting
You don’t know what you’re risking

I don’t want chocolates, balloons or a bear
Just hold me close and show me you care
I won’t confront you, I wouldn’t dare
We’re frail as chiffon; I won’t risk a tear

I creep around you like a ghost
Study the things you like the most
Agonise over details from our wedding toast
Your mom would be thrilled; I can hear her gloats

You need to read my mind
Tell me you still happily bind
Yourself to me, in a love so kind
I fear that jealousy’s left me blind