Tie Pie Cal: A Poem

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Tie Pie Cal lives in a small town
But her bakery’s known for miles around
No one’s more nimble with pastry dough
No one’s cream peaks just so

But the number one thing for which she’s known
Is the eponymous Tie Pie, which makes belts groan
No one knows what’s in it, it’s top secret
Some claim the recipe’s from ancient Egypt.

It takes its name from the dough’s Windsor Knot pattern
If you want to draw folks like moths to a lantern
You’re going to need more up your sleeve than a lattice
Dear ol’ Cal does, and she’s earned her status

She lovingly makes it with care and precision
Stopping here was your smartest decision
The screen door creaks as you step inside
Such smells and warmth, hunger you can’t hide

You order the Tie Pie, no playing around
She giggles, looks you up and down
“No doubt you’ve heard, it’s the best anywhere,
Now you’ll see first hand nothing can compare!”

All the build up to this moment and you can’t wait
Still you take your time carving up the slice on your plate
You try your best to discern its legendary bouquet
But all you get is an emotional buffet

It’s sweet nostalgia, with rosy daydreams
First kisses and summer ice creams
But it’s also fireside mulled wine
Warm laundry and a kitten’s whine

The notes come so fast, like a frantic staccato,
Each crashing in your head with a dazzling afterglow
You’re falling in love like watching time lapsed plants
This pie contains impossibilities, it’s the cosmos’ expanse

“How do you do it?” You gasp at Tie Pie Cal
She smirks; you might suspect she’s not a nice gal
But now you’ve tried this, her magnum opus
You know she’s nothing but rainbows and roses

“The secret’s in the sauce, or as I like to call it,
Magic, heartache, and petals fallin’.
Takes a witch’s hand to make pie outta emotions
Now under my spell, I’ve got you frozen.”

You’re a convert now, you preach the gospel,
The sticker on your car says you’re a Tie Pie Apostle
You’re her army recruiter, rule the world she shall,
This is how it always goes, when it’s Tie Pie Cal