Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Shana Haynie.

We’ve all received a transactional email before.

They’re messages that a business is required to send to facilitate a transaction as requested by the receiver.

At its core, nothing sounds more mind-numbing than receiving an automated, operational email from a company.

But this unexciting communication can be anything but when done well.

In this post, we’re going to explore how you can use transactional emails to improve brand trust, delight recipients, and actually drive more revenue for your business.

Remember: there is a huge opportunity to connect your audience with your…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Janine Perri

Your company website isn’t only a place where potential customers find information about your products and services; it’s also a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

When you have robust search engine optimization (SEO), your website helps your business get discovered through Google searches for relevant keywords.

But if your website’s structure is too complex to navigate, your customers-and Google-are likely to prioritize your competitors instead.

That’s why it’s essential to analyze the architecture of your website early-and often-to make sure it’s going to generate the most traffic through search.

But what…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Kendra Losee

It’s no surprise that digital video is bigger than ever.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic began, people were spending a lot of time with digital video.

According to an eMarketer report, in 2019, users spent an average of 1.7 hours per day watching videos. As of March 2020, a majority of users in every age group reported that they had increased their consumption.

Digital video isn’t going anywhere, and by 2022, it’s likely that folks will be spending 130 minutes per day watching online, so isn’t it time you started leveraging…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Bella Mello

A great email campaign can go a long way for your business.

Email marketing has been around for quite a while, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Prateek Keshari.

Many digital interactions offer us convenience but are lacking in actual human connection.

A company might offer a perfect solution to the customer’s pain point, but the interaction feels impersonal and doesn’t leave much of an impression.

These days, solving your customers’ problems, or offering the best solutions in your category, simply isn’t enough.

Customers are tired of the same old experience. They’re looking for authenticity and human connection.

This is where a strong brand story can help.

In this post, we’ll break down the importance of brand storytelling and offer…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Shana Haynie.

So, you’ve decided to add some video content into your marketing mix.

But how can you tell if it’s helping you achieve your business goals?

Video marketing, like most other forms of content marketing, is an expensive habit.

You need a special set of tools, a consistent stream of watch-worthy story ideas, a budget for production and editing, and time to dedicate toward strategizing, shooting, and promoting the video once it has been created.

After all of that investment, you would think it would be easy to figure out if your…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Stacy Zolnikov

The swarm of interested parties vying for attention, combined with the multitude of communication platforms, devices, and channels, has left us with a short attention span as well as fatigue. People don’t have the patience to read through or view content like before, and they are inundated with traditional advertisements.

So how can brands stand out and make a mark in this sea of transient information?

One powerful tool brands can use to keep up with changing trends and thrive online is native advertising.

Outbrain defines native advertising as “the use…

Originally written for Hearst Bay Area by Alex Gurevich

We’ve discussed the importance of programmatic advertising before, and how it is a more efficient and effective way to reach your target audience.

We briefly covered whether or not Google Ads is considered programmatic (yes, but it’s complicated), so this topic deserves its own discussion.

Google Display Ads are a valuable tool for any business owner or nonprofit, but the concept can be intimidating at first.

What are they? Are they effective? What are the distinctions between Google Display Ads and other programmatic advertising networks?

Here, we’ll get into it all…

Written for Hearst Bay Area by Janine Perri.

If you’re like most marketers, you probably rely on email marketing as a significant part of your overall strategy.

After all, ROI for email marketing is higher than any other digital marketing channel.

But how do you know that your emails are actually landing in your prospects’ inboxes?

Fewer emails reach their intended recipients than you might think.

According to data from ReturnPath, just under 1 out of 5 emails never makes it to the recipient’s inbox. …

Written for Hearst Bay Area by Bella Mello

When you’re optimizing your web presence for search, there’s a lot to keep track of.

It can take time to improve your ranking — think marathon, not sprint — and there are factors out of your control, such as changes to search engine algorithms, that can have a massive impact on your search performance.

Despite these challenges, search engine optimization is a worthwhile endeavor. Ranking at the top of organic search results means more visibility and a better chance of connecting with customers looking for your product or service.

We reached out…

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