Bitcoin’s Fort Knox in Switzerland

Being the scribe for 1 of 4 patent applications that contained the term “Bitcoin” in 2012 and having arguably too much time on my hands to ponder about things most people don’t bother to contemplate, it occurred to me that the money powers are not clamping down on Bitcoin yet given it’s volatility in juxtaposition with traditional currencies. Is not Bitcoin and it’s many variations, memes a currency / value store manipulator’s dream?

Most people don’t know that currency manipulation volume’s dwarf those of stocks and other financial instruments.. So then I recalled former Harvard President and Treasury Secretary Larry Summer’s statement that a “Bitcoin Fort Knox” could be created in Switzerland where all Bitcoin’s would be converted to cold physical storage. So if Bitcoin is the new digital gold, what would prevent the money powers from confiscating all the digital gold as FDR confiscated the gold coins as part of World War II activities? The digital gold Bitcoins could be made physical by using gold plating over tungsten like the Fort Knox in Kentucky urban legend as part of World War III machinations — yes?