HFT supercomputer / Blockchain speed parity, circuit breaker… MFID II Darkpool Limits: I.R.S. cryptocurrency transactions as taxable events

HFT / Blockchain speed parity — circuit breaker… It’s TIME

Why not super computer High Frequency Trade #HFT / #Bitcoin #Blockchain transaction speed parity? On / off floor trade parity?

What if we revisited using the “Great John Nash’s” Equilibrium algorithms?

#Sustainable #Stock #Exchange Initiative US Sct #573 Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank “claims may not direct towards abstract ideas” — sonar water drop in pond physical meme representing latency, propagation delay

MFID II Dark Pool Limits / Cryptocurrency exchange transactions are taxable events

HFT CIRCUIT BREAKER / transaction speed algorithmic regulation LINK

Algorithms drive markets but do not regulate them = Napoleon @ Waterloo Groundhog’s Day #Sustainable #Stock #Exchange Initiative

#MFID II #DARKPOOL #HFT High Frequency Trade Limits

2018 I.R.S. Tax code Cryptocurrency transactions are taxable events

Use the “Great John Nash’s” Equilibrium algorithms to address trade parity among “whales”

US Supreme Court #573 Alice Corp Vs CLS Bank “claims may not direct towards abstract ideas” = physical sonar water drop in pond meme for radius distance from stock, commodity exchange trade floors

High Frequency Trade #HFT — #Blockchain transaction speed parity / On off trade floor parity = sonar water drop in pond meme radius distance / Dark Pool circuit breaker #UTZ universal time zone stochastic harmonization #Bitcoin World #Economic #Heartbeat http://sawconcepts.com/index/id18.html

Building a “new” internet will involve building 2 nets: one net is being built that tends to be centralized and is a private mesh among large government and / or large corporations featuring controlled access permission for example, Ripple that becomes more decentralized the more hubs installed.

The second net is a more decentralized, shared internet, internet of money based on the concept of Distributed Autonomous Organization DAO infrastructure keeping in mind that the DAO term was coined by a military funded think tank — the RAND corporation circa 2001.

Mediation gateways between centralized and decentralized blockchain implementations are needed to match transaction speeds between the centralized architectures that tend to be faster than the decentralized architectures. Work flow logic, business rules, metrics, meters will differ among the centralized, decentralized systems as well as among the myriad blockchain memes in general.

REFERENCE ARTICLE: #ConsenSys How to Build a New Internet

LINK https://media.consensys.net/lets-build-a-new-internet-4d897def3f66