Resurrection from COVID 19

Prof Dr Jan Bonhoeffer
6 min readJun 18, 2020

This last weekend, I went to visit my mother, with my three children. They live in an old house in Arlesheim, a beautiful old city with a cathedral. My parents live together in an old house which used to be the bishop’s guesthouse.

As we got close, I drove up in front of the building, and pressed my horn as I usually do, as a greeting. When my mother leaned out of the window, my blood froze. What I saw reminded me of paintings I have seen of Jesus on the cross. I was looking into the eyes of death. She was pale, her hair was all over the place, and she looked 10 years older than her…

Prof Dr Jan Bonhoeffer

There’s never been a better time to revise our understanding of health and our role as caregivers.