Let’s Talk About the Heart Stent Treatment in Kolkata

Yes; coronary arteries play an incredible role in keeping your heart healthy. But in certain situation and in some people coronary arteries may become narrowed. Arteries may get blocked due to the fatty deposits, called atheroma, which built up within the artery walls.

Heart stent treatment — a closer look

Stenting stands as common treatments for blocked arteries. Stents are tiny, expandable mesh tubes that hold arteries open. Coronary angioplasty and stenting thus helps in improving the blood supply to your heart muscle while widening the narrowed coronary arteries. It also allows the blood to flow through again. Stent is typically placed during or immediately after angioplasty. The procedure is known as heart stenting and it helps in preventing the artery from closing up again

What is it?

Let’s face this — the goal of angioplasty and heart stent treatment is to restore blood flow in a clogged artery to a near-normal rate. Yes; it requires specialized procedures and also specialized devices to accomplish this goal.

In fact; stents have been in use of treating coronary artery disease for over a decade. It is now a common practice to insert a stent to hold the coronary artery open and to maintain the blood flow after an angioplasty. Stenting in Kolkata is a minimally invasive procedure

The Stent Procedure

In angioplasty procedure, the stent is mounted onto a tiny balloon. This helps in opening the inside of the coronary artery in pushing back the plaque and in restoring the blood flow. Once the plaque is compressed against the arterial wall the stent is then fully expanded into position. The stent here acts as the miniature “scaffolding” for the artery. Depending on the length of the blockage, for some patients placing more than one stent in the coronary artery may become necessary

Medically speaking; stent procedures have advantage over angioplasty, because stents offers that ultimate structural support to prevent the coronary artery from re-narrowing. In certain cases, stents and balloons are used together in a stent and balloon therapy.

Drug-Eluting Stents

Aside from providing structural support to the coronary artery, some modern stents also come with medicated coating to prevent the arteries from re-narrowing.

Although both bare metal and the drug-eluting stents can help in reopening the coronary arteries however based on the individual patient characteristics doctors may use drug-eluting stent (DES in keeping the artery open over time.

Treatments for coronary artery disease in Kolkata can help in controlling the cardiovascular disease. First things first — Take medication. Stick to a light diet and exercise. When these changes aren’t enough, your cardiologist may recommend a stent implant or in some cases a bypass surgery.

Worry not; the cardiologist in Kolkata will be able to determine the best and customized treatment for you based on the following aspects

  • Your underlying health problems
  • The severity of your blockages
  • Your future risks

Coronary Angioplasty and heart stenting is a safe procedure depending on the patient’s clinical condition and on the underlying coronary artery disease, whether or not the patient has any previous history of heart attack, bypass surgery and the overall condition and function of the heart also determines the success rate.”