BlueEast’s CEO Abdul Rehman Talat joins Plan9 Angels’ Network.

BlueEast in a very short amount of time has become renowned for its innovative propensity and for always being on the lookout great ideas as proven by the acquisition of Smart Devices and its partnership with Virgin Teez. The man behind such sharp decisions is the CEO of BlueEast Abdul Rehman Talat who is also the Sales and Marketing Director of the uber-successful Orient Electronics and has now come on board as one of the Plan9’s Angels.

Abdul Rehman Talat is the man responsible for taking BlueEast to great heights within a span of a year. He has a keen eye for success stories in-the-making and is a vocal supporter of unorthodox entrepreneurial ventures which he believes are the future of Pakistan. For this reason amongst others Plan9 reached out to Talat and proposed that he join the Plan9 Investors Club. As a firm supporter of start-ups he naturally accepted the proposal and became an official angel.

As Plan9 is a Government-run initiative and the biggest Startup Incubator in Pakistan, it is indeed an honor for BlueEast and Abdul Rehman Talat to have their contribution in the field of technology and IoT to be acknowledged by it. Talat expressing his feelings on becoming a member of Plan9’s Investor Club said, “It is a privilege for me to join Plan9 as an investor and through this I hope not only help individuals transform their dreams into reality but also bring prosperity to Pakistan and put it on the map as one of the countries with the most victorious start-ups in the world!”

This partnership is not only translates into a tremendous recognition for Talat but will also prove to be life-changing for hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and will help them realize their vision.