Why you are here…..in two minutes!

This is the story of why you are here, what you came to do, and that your eternal journey is simply to be your loving self.

The story is a continuing one about finding your love again and being your love. In every eternal moment.

And your love as a human is found within your spiritual mind. And your spiritual mind is fed more love by your soul. And your soul is part of your Creator. And your soul has many incarnations in different dimensions. All of these things are a true representation of a malleable understanding. Malleable because the essence is seen uniquely by everyone.

It is a game you are playing, and the possibilities for experience are infinite, yet the result is always the same, you find your love and be all of you again.

Enjoy playing around in the human mind, but remember it is simply a computer, a wonderfully designed mechanical process for keeping you safe and your body working. The spiritual mind is the master of the mechanical human mind, and will feed your life powerful living and loving energies.

But you have to choose it.

And you see spirit all around you, in everything and everyone, for spirit is everywhere, including your own spirit. And your spirit joins with every part of spirit, and you can begin to feel this connection when you choose the spiritual mind to be your master and guide. This is the master within you. It is always available to you.

You came to earth to be the beggar, the thief, the worker, the lover, the powerful, the weak, the sick, the needy, the rich, the celebrity, the winner, the loser, the creator, the family person, the child, the adult, the male and the female………and whatever human roles you take on in the game, there is always the possibility of finding your love again. Some roles are more challenging than others, because this is what you wanted to experience, for you and on behalf of all. Some have more resources than others and it is for those who have more to give help and support to those who have less. In both circumstances love is found.

You came to experience the duality of earth. The highs and lows, the ups and downs, the swinging between your human perceptions of good and bad. And in this process to remember your love, your spiritual mind, and experience the joy that comes from being this love in any and every situation.

In comparison to heaven, this is a unique experience of joy. The reason there are so many here now, is because the possibility of experiencing finding love again in this unique way is much stronger than ever before.

The spirits are queueing up to be here.

You are blessed to be here.

The universal reality is that you chose to come to have this unique experience, and contribute to others experiences of the duality of the human mind and spiritual mind. And your only purpose in being here is to enjoy your journey, to help others find their love again, and find it for yourself.

Your love is your spiritual mind in action, fed more love by your soul at your request, and the unique loving experiences that result are then enjoyed by your Creator. Everyone is an your Creator, a unique aspect here to play their part in this wonderful game.

When you know this, and you act from this knowing, then you’re free to find creative joy, peace and bliss whilst you are here on earth. This is everyone’s challenge and opportunity as part of their developing evolution of their spirit in the eternal game of life.

Look for and find the spirit in everything, and everyone. See the journey that they have undertaken, and bless them with your love. Wherever they are on their journey, know that your love will help their love to emerge and be set free. Always this is true, for love always attracts more love.

Love grows where love goes.

If someone struggles to be kind, be even more kind. If someone struggles to love, love them even more. Be kind, be gentle, be open, and be love.

As everyone begins to make this choice, everything changes for the better in the world, and every human issue will be able to find a loving solution for the benefit of all. This is the awakening that is starting now, and is ready to unfold in the time that beckons you.

Solutions created in the spiritual mind will always work forever. Solutions created in the human mind will always fail in the end.

The choice is always ours. For this is the planet of free choice, quite different from heaven, where love provides everything. The Earth is a little like a prequel to love. It is the story before love that we cannot experience in heaven. And this is why we are here. To experience remembering, rediscovering, finding again, our love in our spiritual mind. Our love that is the spirit that we eternally are.

Enjoy this journey through living in your spiritual mind. Let your spiritual mind be the master of your human mind. Know you are part of everything, you are one with love, and you are one with all.