Your soul and loving yourself.

Loving yourself is accepting that you are your soul, which is everything you are and more….like your creator, your soul is all knowing, full of creative love, wisdom and power eternally. Everyone can be all knowing when they know their own soul….and it is YOUR soul.

Loving yourself is loving all….regardless of circumstance…..this how you get to know your soul….

What you see in others is a reflection of what and who you are, and if you see love in all then you are connected with your soul….look for this love by seeking the best in everyone.

Loving yourself is accepting and enjoying that you are part of your creator….this unique creative aspect that is your soul and is also you….

Loving yourself is knowing your soul, by acting from your spiritual mind, and becoming your spiritual loving self in every moment. Remembering and becoming again the eternal loving you…….brings bliss and joy…..always.

Accept and let go of all that is the human self, your human mind or brain…become all that is your spiritual self… a human body.

The human mind builds walls against the world….the spiritual mind opens all doors and takes down all walls…..naturally and without effort….

You are your soul…..and you can say with love “I am my soul”….”I am that “I am””……

Your soul is only known through love, loving thoughts and actions…it is never known through the human intellect. Rational thinking that is full of love for all is the only rational thinking that will help you remember and rediscover your soul.

Get to know your soul only through love….being kind and gentle and compassionate in your openness with anyone and everyone. This is the only way, and if you try to be this love then your soul, and everything in the universe will help you. The universe wants you to know your soul.

You came here just for this purpose. To have the ultimate experience of being separated from your creator, who made your soul, and finding your loving soul again. This experience is unique in the universe. Enjoy your chosen journey in being here….

This is your soul’s choice…..