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For the next week, Hero Generations for Android is part of the Humble Mobile Bundle, Best of Strategy bundle along with some other great games like Guild of Dungeoneering and Worms 4. If you’re not familiar with how Humble Bundles work, you pay what you want and some of the money also goes to charity (you pick the percentage).

Halloween event, New “World Bank” Building, high-res item art, and more!

Halloween is almost upon us! We’re celebrating with an early update to Hero Generations that features a special Halloween Event, as well a number of big changes that we’ve wanted to make for a long time. Be sure to restart Steam client to trigger the update. Here’s the full change list!

  • Halloween special event! From now through November 1st, all worlds of Hero Generations will be overrun with pumpkins, skeletons, haunted forests, gravestones, candy, and more. Fire up a game and explore to find all of the fun fall changes!
  • New Building: Bank. The World Bank will be added to…

v1.03 is Live! New content, speed improvements, combat changes, bug fixes and more!

Green Goggle Raider 1 Trait

Our latest Hero Generations: ReGen update is now live on Steam and will be coming shortly to iOS and Android! This update includes a number of new additions to the game as well as changes that address common feedback we’ve received from players. Please let us know what you think!

  • Combat sequence has been sped up (faster entry, faster exit, faster resolution animations).
  • Heroes and enemy NPCs can achieve critical hits if their strength roll result is 50 or more above their opponent’s. Critical hits add 5 to damage. We spent some time looking for ways to make combat faster…

New Prototype Revealed — ‘Basketball Tactics’

Today we streamed some development on Twitch of a new prototype about Basketball Tactics (final name TBD). It’s mashup of Basketball and tactical strategy gameplay — a sort of XCOM Meets NBA Jam. Check out the full stream link above.

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Now in Open Beta + Road Map Details!

Vintage Mode — 1 of 2 unlockable graphics mode coming in the October Update.

Hero Generations is now on Google Play in open beta! That means you can play the near-final Android version right now, but we still have some final testing and device compatibility to work through before we launch everywhere. As a thank you to those that play during the beta, we’ve made the game 20% off until we release! We feel great about the version that’s live, but if you see any issues on your device, please let us know!

Hero Generations: ReGen Update Road Map

I also wanted to give you a look into our plans for updates which will come free for all platforms (iOS

Come Along For the Game Development Ride

This week we’re going to begin the process of open development on our next title. Follow us on our Twitch Channel to get notified when the channel is live. Scott will also be blogging regularly about the development process here on our website.

We’re excited to show you what’s next!

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