Shortness of Breath — Causes and Easy Remedies

Difficulty in breathing is a problem that everyone faces in today’s time. It is also considers as a tough challenge for diagnostic experts. Problems such as dizziness, abdominal pain, fatigue or even breathing difficulties are the cause of shortness in breathing. The right way to deal with such problems is to consult with a cardiologist; especially the symptoms have worrying signs. Symptoms such as pain or problem staying upright are always should be treated at the initial stage. Primarily, there are two primary cause of shortness of breath — both are minor, common & treatable.

· Myofascial Pain Syndrome

· Bad Respiratory “Habits”

Myofascial pain syndrome is basically the “muscle knots”. It occurs in the respiratory muscles area. And Bad Respiratory “Habits” arises due to weakness in breathing muscles.

If you have shortness of breathing due to any of the above two reasons then don’t worry, relief is possible and in easy ways. The way is safe, cheap & also fun to experiment with. That is self massage for trigger points. The results are not guaranteed but it is always ideal to experiment any of those techniques rather than not opting for it. Although changing “Bad Habits” is always tricky but undoubtedly it is better to choose any of those paths to relief and increase your breathing strength. It is also a worthwhile goal to attain fitness. Moreover, these two issues can be intertwined and each one can cause other and vice-versa. There are some simple yet interesting ideas for self-treatment to deal disease like shortness of breathing.

Let’s find out warning signs of serious breathing problems. And its start with safety!

It is better for some people to know the easy solutions to their shortness of breath. People need to be assured that most breathing problems are harmless. Unfortunately, more dangerous causes of shortness of breathing are really common. So it is better to stay alert and discuss to your cardiologist if you find in any difficulty in breathing. Possibilities of muscle knots, weak breathing muscles arise due to negligence from patients’ end.

The next one is sore breathing muscles. This type of breathing problem starts when you cough or sneeze heavily, a sharp pain you may develop in neck, this is known as sore breathing muscle. Even after few minutes of huffing & puffing, the pain can be back. Shortness of breath also arises because of this problem. It also stops full breathing.

Massaging is the best option to solve this problem. Therefore the bigger question is where exactly you need to massage or rather which muscles of respiration you need to massage.

· Diaphragm — Hard to massage this part, it is better to take help from a professional. A professional might able to rub the lower part of the diaphragm by reaching under ribs. However, the process is not worthwhile.

· Intercostals — It is the muscles between the ribs. These are very easy to treat and you can self-treat them. You can use your thumbs and fingers to perform this massage.

· Sternocleidomastoid & Pectorails Minor — Regular massage on the muscles of front & sides of the neck (sternocleidomastoid muscle) & chest muscles (pectoralis minor) can solve shortness of breathing problems.

Apart from the above three there are many different ways that pertains to shortness of Breath Treatment. This article only discussed about the three easy remedies to deal with this breathing relating problems.

Author’s Bio:

Nicholas Hedge is associated with breathing treatments for years now. In this article, he has discussed about “Shortness of Breath — Causes and Easy Remedies”, after reading some articles written by experienced Cardiologists with shortness of Breath Treatment in Huntington Beach.

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