Vein ablation treatment in Huntington Beach? Here’s what you should know

First things first; crossing your legs won’t cause varicose veins. Sitting or standing for a long time could prevent the blood from flowing and that could lead to clotting of the blood. Other common causes are lack of exercise, smoking, obesity and hormonal birth control.

Next important point — varicose veins are more than mere cosmetic concerns. Although they may appear to be a cosmetic issue but varicose veins can cause some other problems beyond just making your legs look unattractive. Even if you are not so bothered about varicose veins still ignoring them for too long can pose some serious health hazards whatsoever.

Varicose veins can cause serious problems

The malfunctioning valves in your vein cause your blood to stagnate. This can cause phlebitis, which is typically a superficial clot that can be painful, but usually not life threatening.

Troubled, inadequate and poor blood circulation associated with varicose veins can result in clot formations in deeper veins.

When these blood clots break off they may travel to the lung while causing life threatening and serious problems such as pulmonary embolism.

Also; stagnation in the blood vessel can also cause sores and ulcers to develop.

Last but not the least; once the veins become swollen , inflated and weakened from chronic pressure on them, they burst causing bleeding.

Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins has become easy. Let’s take a look at the Vein ablation Treatment Huntington Beach

First; Vein Ablation and Leg Ulceration Treatment is Non-invasive. It’s all about treating varicose veins by applying laser or radiofrequency ablation therapy. The treatment is done as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

Preparation for the procedure

Prior to treating a patient the doctor thoroughly discusses the situation, the procedure and if any complications that may be associated with it. The cost for performing the procedure and if the insurance covers it is also discussed. It is essential that the doctor is aware of all the medications that you may be taking and any allergies that you may have. Any medication that causes the blood to thin is stopped for a specific time period. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes will have to be worn but don’t forget the compression stockings which will be needed once the procedure is over.

Our vein ablation treatment in Huntington Beach is minimally invasive. After your vein is numbed by our specialist doctors, a thin fiber is inserted into your vein by means of ultrasound guidance. Thereafter, thermal energy is delivered through the fiber. The heat produced will cauterize the vein and seal it closed.

Our procedure takes about an hour and will relieve you of the painful symptoms almost immediately.