And Then We Smile

One day I woke up staring at the frame of the top bunk bed above me, where I had my inspirational pics and class schedule posted.

It was another morning, another day to live by.

Barely even breathing, I found myself thinking about how this day could turn my typical life around.

My room mates and I have our distinct paces. One got up and left early, one was on her phone, one was still asleep, and the last was me.

After some time I got up, took a bath, and got dressed. Packed my things and I was off, ready for that day.

With a handful of papers in folders I carry on my arm along with 2 bags (one on my back and one on my shoulder) I already feel so tired, even though my day had just begun.

I paced down the stairs as fast as I could, trying to keep my whole self awake as I approached the room. But then again, it’s was just another day for me, having the same problems and same things I look forward to.

The others think that I’m no different, same girl as yesterday. It’s true, I tend to be conventional of some sort, but the thing is, I could be more. I could do more. I could feel that I’m worth more.

I went through the day with the usual routine. I sat through lessons, had lunch and participated in activities and finally, it was time to go home.

Others headed straight for the canteen, others stayed in the room and others went to places only God knows where. On some days I would have been one of them, with my best friend or my room mates. But on that particular day, I decided to be with myself, for what I know would be the next five minutes, as I took the long route home. Little did I know that I was not alone.

We met quite unusually, and even though we were heading for different directions, something sparked when we saw each other and somehow found the time to stop, sit and talk.

And in five minutes, I found myself in some very interesting conversations, because as you see, this rarely happens. I have known this person just for a few months now, but it’s as if every story and every emotion we shared was so familiar.

Coincidence or not, but when I shared how I’ve been and how I’m feeling about certain things for the past days, it seems like I’m not the only one. As we told stories, we also ranted and cursed a bit, clenched our fists, gritted our teeth and scoffed to the most useless and annoying things.

But after what seems to be more than an hour of that, we ended up just laughing. And with me holding my head up with my hands, I say “Ohhh well… now what?”

“Now we deal with all this. After all, life’s better when it’s not that sweet.” you said.

We gave each other a look that we both knew, and then we smiled. And time stopped, as if for that moment, nothing else made sense.

Then a car came, honking at us, and we knew it was time to really go home. This talk was just what I needed and I had it with the right person. As we stood up, we grabbed our things and hugged it out. We parted ways and after a few steps we looked right back, and we waved goodbye with that same smile.

Dramatic, but it’s true. And I’m a part of that.

I got home, and my bed awaited me. I dropped my things down on the tiled floor and jumped on my bed and thought about how the day went. I smiled, I shrieked and put a pillow on my head.

Today was different, and my life will never be the same. Or so I thought. But at least I finally have something worthwhile to think of each morning. Or each night. Or everyday in my dreams.

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