Wish-Fulfillment, Classic Star Wars Style
Mirah Curzer

Mirah, great thoughts. I see what you mean wrt the born-hero that Star Wars has always fostered. At the same time, much is shifting in this film! Long-tired stumbling blocks (gender and racial homogeneity) are being cast aside. There has been an Awakening, whatever that means. I take it to mean that anything’s possible. That maybe the world (our world) of the future needs a vast diversity of unexpected heroes to meet the challenges we face, and blowing the doors wide open is a good start.

At the same time, I have to accept that the overwhelming popular guess is that Rey is a Skywalker from one sibling or the other. Perhaps the leap to heroes not born of Force-rich blood will need to wait another generation. (and I understand this may be what we have in Po and Finn; but if it’s a wave of awakenings, why not Rey as well?) We’ll all have to wait and see!

I also have reasons for hoping this that have to do with Luke, and the struggles he has gone through. They’re harder to articulate. Suffice it to say that I relished seeing this with my godsons (9 & 11!) who I’d prepped to the nines, but I have no children of my own. Whatever I pass on is not through blood, but through love alone.

Once you begin to look up at that screen and see heroes reflecting everyone, I guess you start to want to see yours too.

Great to meet you. I look forward to more SW thoughts from you! Also, given your deeply steeped background with Star Wars, I can’t help but wonder what you’d make of my pre-Awakens longread. No pressure of course; it’s definitely long. ^_^ https://medium.com/@heath_rezabek/victory-for-all-time-victory-over-war-2f7145fef8d1#.ep6i8jlmm

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