Designing the new Uber App
Didier Hilhorst

Gotta say, I absolutely hate the new design.

I’ve been using Uber since about 2012 or so and obviously i’m familiar with the old UX — but not only does it waste a ton of my time by makign me enter my destination first, but it actually makes the #1 biggest problem about Uber even more of a problem: The fact that drivers can’t find you unless you google the name of your pickup location instead of using the gps/wifi location which is a surefire way for you to end up having to call your driver the old fashioned way to find you.

I bet if you had your data scientists mine the pickup time averages between the last design and this one, you’d find years of your customers lives being wasted on a daily basis across the world.

On a more positive note: Besides the UX, the UI is gorgeous and very nice to look at. I just hate the new flow. Fucking despise it.