Morale seemed low on this cloudy Sunday at Staples Center. It could be because of the less than perfect weather or because of the Lakers uncertain future with the changes in management. It was announced on February 2nd that Magic Johnson was to return to the Lakers as an ownership adviser. In a USA Today article it was written that Johnson’s duties would include, “advising ownership on all business and basketball matters, collaborating with coaches, evaluating and mentoring players, assessing future franchise needs and helping ownership to determine the best path for growth and success”. Of course there were some adverse reactions to the news but it is not like the Lakers have been wildly successful in recent months so maybe the change will be beneficial. Even Johnson said himself, “I will do everything in my power to help return the Lakers to their rightful place among the elite teams of the NBA”. So, hopefully Johnson can pull through with this statement because even as the Lakers players ran out to the court at the beginning of the game the lack of enthusiasm and pride was evident. I truly believe that a great sports team starts from the top and trickles down. So if there is solid management it will come down to the players and create an unstoppable team. We all want to see the Lakers return to their historical glory and hopefully this change will make it happen.

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