It is not something that from my perspective is up for debate,
Hi Susan Christiana,

You don’t have that luxury seeing as you’re willfully engaging and propelling this conversation forward. I’m trying to not become annoyed with the ongoing bout dominating my TL and also trying to consider the arguments and find undertones of truth and sense from both.

Engaging in debate and then saying something is not up for debate, especially after people have expressed their tiredness of this thread, is a sentence I just couldn’t bear.

Your piece, while I identify with it, is an opinion piece riddled with personal identity and experience. That’s not a problem and I think it drives home the point and overarching theme. Sadly, it’s not a fact unable to be disproven by tests and trials that actively challenge your hypothesis. There are, on the same token, research projects out there backed with empiricism that align with your thought. But they are actively and willingly debated.

It absolutely 100% is up for fucking debate.

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