I’ve just come in from my daily walk and as usual my head has filled with memories. It’s as if the rhythm of my steps triggers a slow drip that quickly gives way to rivulets of remembrance. Memories swim to the surface so vibrant and dear that I can’t stop them nor do I want to. They are souvenirs of an epic adventure and they keep me company as I walk the early morning streets of my neighborhood.

It’s been almost a year since I walked the Camino de Santiago. One would think that enough time has passed to lengthen…

Hiking is a funny thing. What constitutes a difficult hike for one person might be considered a leisurely stroll for another. The elements of a hike that bring joy to the hiker are completely subjective. Is it a steep, quad burning, cardio intense uphill climb that gets you stoked, or is it miles of rolling meadow and a picnic basket that make it ideal? Is reaching the summit and the feeling of achievement your sole objective or is it all the little experiences along the way and the soul satisfying appreciation of nature that make it memorable? …

Heather Koelling

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