My Dad died 2 years ago. As I sit at my Dad’s computer and type, the background is a picture of our family, in our old house, smiling and being silly together.

When we talk about healing, we talk about a state of well-being, wholeness, completeness and balance. Healing is such a generalized word that it’s often forgotten that it is a verb. …

Upon being ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Vietnamese Zen lineage students are given a name that identifies a significant character flaw to help them consistently train their mind and develop new character traits. In the monastery, you must give up all your money and possessions and you even give up your family, yet hold onto and continually develop your integrity. As a Buddhist monk for close to six years I was taught that integrity, over time, leads to wisdom and that wisdom eventually leads to the alleviation of suffering. This is the core of the Buddhist practice. …

Ding, you get a new text- dopamine is released (makes you want more).

You gain a follower on social media — dopamine is released.

You get 80 “Likes” on a picture of you with a duck face- dopamine is released….

Our brains are running with the immediate reward system pathways on overdrive. Dopamine release creates a “learning” environment so we seek out the same actions that lead to the dopamine release in the first place, texting, posting, commenting, ect. Chistensen talks about the underemphasized long-term reward system that we think about much less often:

In contrast, investing time and energy…

Until we learn how to listen to our own internal dialogue without judgement, how will we ever truly know ourselves?

When we are kids we are wide open to our intuitive feelings about what brings us lasting meaning and contentment. However, as we get older our thinking mind gets more powerful and full of should’s, comparisons, judgement and expectations. We can get disconnected from our natural “feeling sense” or beginners mind. Inevitably, it can grow weak and start to dull if we don’t exercise it regularly.

Scientific evidence is clear that development of this sharper awareness and openness to the unknown — termed in research as a state of “mindfulness” — can be the most effective way to get back…

Authentic Self

Authentic Self empowers individuals to discover, focus and act on what is most important.

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