On Quitting
Meghann McNiff

“At 38, I’m proud to say I’ve mastered quitting. I’m clear that within every no, is a bigger yes. No is a prerequisite to yes. Every no prunes away more and more of what is not us, not ours to do, and leaves us with only our essential yes — our place, and our work to do in the world.”

Thanks for the insight — It’s so true, society in general looks at those who say “no” as quitting, not being a team player, being selfish.. and to be honest, part of me always feels a little guilty when I tell someone no or can’t / don’t want to attend an event .. and so my answer is “no” — but you are right. Every time we say no — we are are defining ourselves a little more, becoming who we are and spending our time the way we want — giving our life the fullest potential. Thank you — and now, moving forward — every time I say “no” to something or someone, I’ll think of it as a step forward in finding the real me!

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