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Ten Tips for Leading Remotely

How to manage your team virtually during the coronavirus crisis

1. Choose your tools

Is the correct tech infrastructure in place, and does everyone on your team know how to use it?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

2. Create a new/old culture

Try to keep routines that proved productive in the past, such as weekly report rounds and coffee breaks to discuss best practices. Just move the activities online in synchronous form.

3. Manage expectations — and rumors

Your company is losing revenue, and layoffs may be inevitable.

4. Communicate, communicate…

No doubt some of your staff is insecure about the unexpected situation of working remotely. Others could be feeling invisible, left out of vital information loops and decision-making processes. Still others might be enjoying the relative independence and, as a result, be less likely to follow necessary procedures.

The more visible and engaged you are now, the better.

5. Prioritize goals

Clarifying roles and goals at the start of the home office transition will prevent headaches and arguments later…

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6. Keep it personal

Create a virtual watercooler where your team can catch up on small talk and connect. Relationship-building activities shared in the past can still take place via synchronous media.

7. Understand your team’s new working environments

Schedule a virtual 1-to-1 with each team member to go over the specific challenges s/he is facing. Ask what can be done to make this new work approach more effective.

8. Connect with your clients

Use this time to communicate with your clients proactively. Give them updates, helpful strategies for coping in their market… a reason to stay connected to your company.

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9. Promote work/life balance

The border between personal and professional blurs when doing home office. Irregular working hours combined with the temptation to catch up on tasks late at night can be a recipe for disaster long-term.

10. Use the disruption to innovate

How can your product or service gain traction supporting the general public during this market disruption?

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