“It Is Amazing What Humans Can Accomplish When Nobody Cares Who Gets Credit.”

A simple but powerful message found in a bathroom stall.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit an unbelievable maker space in LA, which would be completely impossible and unfair to attempt to describe.

That said, one morning when I made my way to the washroom, I was greeted with a really powerful message beautifully written in colorful block script on the bathroom stall.

“It Is Amazing What Humans Can Accomplish When Nobody Cares Who Gets Credit.”

As entrepreneurs, we constantly seek validation. That our ideas matter, our efforts are worthy and that we — the individual — get to meaningfully contribute.

But of course we contribute. Our input (our contribution to a project, team or company) may vary by the day, reason or season, but the contribution is real.

But what happens when our desire for ‘credit’ becomes more powerful than the consideration of the true output — the collective results of our input combined with that of our team members?

The answer: Animosity. Jealousy. Pig-headedness. And worst of all: our eyes come off of the prize.

Name me one startup founder that has time for that bullshit.

So, like the wise advice scrawled so poignantly in a bathroom stall at this unbelievable maker space I had the privilege of working out of in LA… fuck credit.

We can accomplish way more once we eliminate that word from our vocabulary.