Owen, the Best Shop Cat in the United States

A couple years ago, a few days after a breakup, I booked a trip and went to find something to read for the long flight. I didn’t actually read books then, so I had to search for some good bookstores in San Francisco. Aardvark Books was one that popped up. I noted that it had a shop cat, something mentioned in every review, and it went to the top of my list.

By the time I made it out to find books, I’d forgotten why Aardvark Books was at the top of my list, but I trusted my past self and went with it.

The shop was small, but good. I found a couple books, and stood in line to check out. I was standing there, my head in the clouds, when the other part of my brain noticed books moving next to me. There was a beast there. Terrified, I turned my head to meet the eyes of Owen.

Owen stared back for a moment from over a Nietzsche book, then went back to chilling on his piles, like he hadn’t a care in the world, especially not about the books he was preventing Aardvark from selling with his butt. It was all a facade though, because a few moments later he let me pet him.

Owen certainly cheered me up that night. I’ve been back a few times, and it turns out that Owen is the best shop cat ever. He’s either in the window delighting passerbys, wandering around the floor, or existing as a surprise fluff ball in a box near you. If you sit on the floor with a book, he’ll come sit in your lap and purr.

Every now and then I’ll also check out the location link for Aardvark on Instagram. I get a serious cat fix from it. It’s also been great for another reason. It’s just so cool to see the amazing photography talent of regular people. The variety and creativity of these photos always makes me smile.

Check out the Instagram location, but here are a few of my favorites:

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