When your child is due to start school soon, it can be quite a daunting prospect for parents (especially if it is your first child). Read on for some tips on what your child’s teacher would really like you to know, but can’t always tell you.

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You will make our whole year if your child has an interest in books and reading. And I don’t mean reading in a formal sense here: I mean a curiosity about the pictures, what will follow on the next page, how to care for books, and just a general interest in gazing over a lovely book. …

‘HELP! My child won’t listen to me: A parents guide to getting your child to follow your rules.

Before we become parents, we all imagine what our child will be like. We expect we’ll have the dream child: they’ll do as we ask, bring us flowers every day and tell us how much they love and appreciate us. But what happens when the reality of child rearing turns out to be a nightmare?

Ah, children. They bring us so much joy, laughter and love. We cannot imagine our lives without them; we would do anything to support them, and we would give our lives to protect them. …


Heather Bee

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