Hiking to Paradise Peak

These once tiny fingers curled around mine, the first time you each opened Your eyes, watery and new, having arrived from a world deep inside me — Yet a universe we will never know, a place perhaps of beauty, most certainly

Of mystery — I glimpsed your wisdom and I see the three of you, grown now, Standing at the edge of Paradise peak, the world you seek open to you all, as You hope it to be — maybe that is why these partings carry a certain

Poignancy now — all is as we wish it to be — isn’t that the point of being set Free? And yet, what was there in the beginning will be there all the way Along — isn’t that both the parent’s joy and the parent’s fear — that what we

Have only just begun we have to let go of, and see where the road goes Knowing that we are on the return journey as our children forge ahead.

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