Making a High-Resolution Year

Setting goals requires inspiration, an idea, an ideal, and will power. When someone shows you what you could be, what you could do, and you are amazed and in awe, inspiration has planted it’s seed. Your action steps following this phenomenon are pivotal in achieving your goals.

Step one is writing down your goals and realistically gauging when each can be achieved. You must believe you can do what you set out for- this is the part most people forget to do! You must truly believe you will accomplish your goals, and visualize yourself achieving them. Self-respect is vital in believing you can succeed, but one other aspect may be even more important: accountability.

Once you have created your list of resolutions, you may have enough will power to follow the list for weeks, but in the long run, you are going to need some outside motivation to continue. Tell someone you love and trust what your goals are- be vulnerable in sharing your weaknesses and where you may struggle in following your goals. That person should ask you periodically whether or not you are staying true to those ideals you were first inspired by. It is inevitable that your initial inspiration will lose it’s fiery flame over time, but a trusted friend can keep that flame strong much longer than you could alone.

An easy way to find an accountability partner is through a health coach, which I would be thrilled to be for you. A health coach can facilitate your goals so that they are measurable, and achieved in the healthiest and most effective way. Say, for instance, you want to lose 20 pounds. You could achieve that goal by starving yourself for a week, but in the end, your body will have become incredibly weak and sick, and you will absolutely rebound and gain the weight again (and then some, because your metabolism is crashed). Instead, a health coach can guide you through the proper steps towards losing the weight and keeping it off, plus you will boost your metabolism, have much more energy, and gain confidence and strength.

Setting goals can be done in minutes, but accomplishing them usually takes months, even years! It is easy to lose your vigor in each goal when the end result is so far away. Milestones, or checkpoints are key to succeeding in a long-term goal. Celebrating the smaller victories makes all the difference in your overall mentality and willingness to continue your personal pursuit. If your goal is to find a satisfying job, then celebrate each finished application! If your goal is to decrease the amount of time watching TV, celebrate each day you go without it! These small victories keep you thirsty to continue your journey towards your ideal self.

I challenge you to make your list today of what your ideal self looks like. Be as detailed or as vague as you’d like. Be sure to then measure what it takes to get to that end goal. Share your vision with someone and have them periodically ask you whether or not you are staying true to those goals. Enjoy the process of achievement: visualize yourself following through your goals and see that as your routine, rather than a sacrifice. Before you know it, you will become that idea you had months ago. You can be the person you set out to be- never give up, celebrate every step, and share your goals with others. Be clear in what goals you set for yourself, and make a high-resolution year.

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