Reach for the Stars

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Ever find yourself in awe of a stary night sky? Those twinkling dots seem so small, yet we know that they are enormous balls of light, most even bigger than the sun! Thinking about this irony can be humbling and motivating. Both of these are principals to every person’s character building. We must understand we are a small part of a huge universe, yet we have the freedom to dream big and pursue our goals.

The meditative aspect of the night sky helps me realize that I am a part of something so immense, so intricate, and so overwhelmingly beautiful. I find myself in a heart of worship towards the Creator of it all. This state of mind is perhaps the best state to find yourself in. You glorify God by appreciating his handiwork, and you are most satisfied when Christ is glorified. Our Creator guides and directs us far better than we could ourselves. He will challenge you far better than any other person could. He knows your weaknesses, and may set goals for you which make you use those weaknesses (which, in turn, strengthens them). What we see as our future is only a blur, but God sees for all eternity, and will guide you toward that if you let Him.

The challenging aspect of the night sky motivates me to make goals that seem so far-fetched, yet just bright enough to see from where I am now. Every step towards that goal makes it’s brightness magnify, its beauty that much more captivating. It may take years to achieve, but the journey there is just as exciting as the finish line. Don’t be afraid to make goals that seem impossible. It is far better to try and fail than to not try at all. You can learn from your mistakes and begin again, that much wiser. If you have not made any resolutions this year, make this one: gaze at the night sky whenever you can. Let your mind wonder and be amazed. Perhaps you will have an idea that seems out of this world! That may be just the goal to begin this year.

Reach for the stars, they are magnificent and wonderfully bright, yet appear to us as tiny fireflies. Never fear the impossible when setting goals. Instead, take your time to plan; each small step closer counts! Although the journey may be difficult, it refines you nonetheless into becoming who you want to be.