To Speak or Not to Speak

Am I being wise…or a coward?

I would have posted sooner, but my frenemy keeps thwarting my plans. Yes, my dear ol’ pal the backspace button.

Truth is, there is so much on my heart and mind these days that I want to blurt out to everyone. … but then I don’t.

I type long, articulate arguments that will surely sway the masses to see the world as I see it. Then I systematically unravel my “brilliance”, ferociously pecking the delete key:

O n e . W o r d .

O n e . C h a r a c t e r.

A t . A . T i m e.

The biggest problem is I can’t tell if my restraint is the result of wisdom or cowardice. The things that I want to discuss are topics about which peacekeepers generally stay quiet.







And God help us…politics.

Some of my friends will agree with me. Many others won’t. I care deeply about the topics, but I love people even more.

Will my words bring us closer to mutual understanding? Defend the helpless and make the world a better place? Or will they simply add to the noise, driving an irreparable and unnecessary wedge? I simply can’t decide.

Here’s what I do know.

So far, we haven’t found common ground through our Facebook statuses or in the comments section. Social media has become a revolting breeding ground for the worst of our hatred, bigotry, and sexism. We have done so much damage — to to our reputations and to our relationships — as online soldiers who battle with our thumbs, clothed in our pajamas or while sitting on the pot.

I’m utterly disgusted… yet, can’t seem to tear my eyes away.

I want to stop it, not contribute to it. Words are not just words. They build up, and they tear down.

To speak or not to speak? I can’t decide on my own. And so I find myself praying…

Dear God, grant me wisdom. Help me to know when to speak up, and when to shut up. In Jesus’ name. Amen