Reflections of the inner truth

These last few days have challenged me. I have wandered around feeling dis-ease and anger. I have internally vented my frustrations and concerns. Yesterday as I continued to chatter on to a friend about the things I see that are wrong, I noticed her eyes were somewhat glazed over. Her face was soft and her breathing steady. She was steady, just receiving my negativity.

I quickly shifted. “Well, and what do I really have to complain about? So maybe I have to make some changes. Maybe this is all happening for some greater good. Maybe I could just have faith.”

The space of her openness, opened something in me. She did not follow me down the trail of complaining and moaning, making myself out to be a victim. In her eyes, in her heart, I was not a victim. And I am not unless I choose to paint myself that way. Sure some things happened that are now beyond my control. But I still have choices on how I move forward. I have the choice to move forward as a victim or as a person who takes responsibility for my future.

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