The 1 Step to Getting IT Together

A woman explained to me her desire to move. Her husband hates the house they are in because it is too noisy. as we talked about it, she expressed a true desire for some land and to build a small place, but then switched back with an urgency to get out of where they are.

I asked, “but then won’t you just find yourselves in another place you do not want?” She paused and the quickly rushed in with how tired she was of hearing her husband complain about where they are. Having travelled briefly in India, I could tell her that her current home is actually quite awesome and not really noisy, but that would fall on deaf ears.

You see, we all instinctively have a tendency to rush away, push away what we don’t want. Or to complain about it. With a five hour flight delay a couple of days ago, I can definitely attest to the complaining and resisting of my fellow travellers.

All that energy that resists, runs, complains, is wasted. If you want to get IT all together, be where you are with the ability to see what is amazing and beautiful right where you are.

This is critical to climbing well. Be where you are, not at the crux or already falling. Or already topping out. If you are not present to the holds you are on and what move is next, you most likely will fall.

Hard to do… definitely. But most of us are just dealing with flight delays and noise, not saber-toothed tigers or looking down the barrel of a gun. Definitely resist, run in that place. Not sure complaining will ever help in that case.

That’s it… pretty simple. Enjoy where you are and take practical, helpful steps in the direction you want to go and you will embody grace, poise and beauty.