6 Bathing Suits Brands You Need for Your ‘Hot Girl Summer’

From the tiny bikini to the one-piece goody, we found what you need.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that we are not paid for our selection. These are honest choices that come from our staff after mindful selection. However, we may use affiliate links in which we earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Summer is here and in full effect. Mother Nature has been giving us plenty of heat and thanks to rapper, Meg Thee Stallion, many women are working towards having a “Hot Girl Summer.” Not sure what you need to achieve hot girl status? Well, look no further because we have the swimwear that you need to be a complete stunner and draw lots of attention.

From the tiny bikini to the one-piece goody, we found swimwear for everyone! See our fave swimsuits perfect for our full-figured beauties and our slim and trim hotties.

Hot, sexy and sleek, you can’t go wrong in a Braneu one-piece swimsuit. Designed from waterproof nylon, the Branëu Logo Black/White Nylon Swim Suit was designed to be bold with a classic twist for the stylish and sophisticated woman with curves.

Ruby Love is the bathing suit that women have always dreamed of. The beautiful and stylish pieces are created for women who love to be active even during their time of the month. These bold and beautiful swimsuits come in a variety of styles and colors that are flattering to every curve.

Curvy girls get ready to serve up body for the summer! Saint Somebody is offering smooth and chic pieces that make a statement. With built-in bust support, full coverage, and seamless fabric these bathing suits break the boundaries of the typical swimsuit.

Spicy Lingerie offers an array of flirtatious bathing suits that earn a nod of approval. Not only is it the BEST place to shop for swimwear, but it is also the place to go for sexy lingerie that will ignite his fire. Click here if you dare to see our favorite bathing suit of the season.

Monochrome Swimwear is the bathing suit that hugs every curve in the right way. Inspired by classic cuts and everyone’s go-to shades, these suits are delicately textured for the ultimate flattery of form and comfort. You’ll feel like your just wearing your skin, and that is sexy!

What are you wearing for the summer? Tag me in your best bathing suit photo @heatherelitou

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