Reflections on Roles Definition
andrei deuşteanu

Andrei, I really appreciate your disclosure around your hesitancy with some of the concepts around Teal and self-management. I think those concern are real for many people and giving voice to your reluctance and now your openness was a great way to open your reflections and I immediately resonated.

Additionally, I like your use of “teal engineering”. Bringing the concrete capabilities to this new way of working will needed to make any real traction. Also, “engineer” definitely brings a certain degree of authority or credibility to the name. On the other side of that equation, engineer may also bring baggage to the concept with a tone of rigidity in following strict processes and practices. Just a balance to keep in mind.

Overall, your week’s reflection beautifully captured your teams output as well as your learning around what it is like to go through this process with a global remote team. I’d offer you a few questions as you reflect further on this experience:

1. You mention that is takes a “mindset” to work in this way with a team you’ve never met before. How would you describe that mindset, specifically? I think you are correct and would be curious to hear how you’d describe it.

2. As you moved through the activity with your teammates, what tensioned surfaced for you that might deepen your understanding of self management?

3. As you think about the roles activity, do you feel this process is concrete and tangible enough to create value for the client you may work with?

Thanks for your reflections and look forward to reading more. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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