The “why” behind the change

I posted on Facebook today that I was very thankful for the change from this time last year until now. Last year, I felt so horrible and I was in so much pain. But now, not only am I doing something physical 6 times a week, I feel so much better and had the happy side effect of losing weight. One of my friends asked, “I am curious to know “the why” behind this change. What is it that caused you to make this change and how do you continue to sustain it? I know so many who start and stop, and you just keep going.”

I don’t think there was really a why. I think circumstances just changed. I had not been physically well in several years. And doctors had no clue what was wrong with me. Tests would say I was perfectly fine. Even though I was overweight, all my numbers were for the most part, good. But I felt let crap, had no energy and food would run right thought me. I was told that I had a gluten sensitivity, which is probably true. I stopped eating gluten and got better for a while. But then about a year later, I was back to the same thing.

I was scared. I was not well and I didn’t know why. My husband has MS and had to go on medical leave. He’s not physically well and needed me. Yet I wasn’t physically well either and I was afraid I couldn’t be there for him. What if I got so sick I couldn’t work? Where would he be?

Then as a last ditch effort, I went to a doc at my chiropractic office who I overheard from another patient that had helped her. He did an assessment and determined that my whole problem was, my stomach wasn’t producing enough stomach acid to digest my food, thus it would pass right through me. And I felt like crap and had no energy because I was getting nothing from my food.

Wow! What a difference digestive enzymes made! I felt better and my food didn’t pass through me. And I felt something weird in my stomach. It was food actually being digested. I hadn’t felt that in I don’t know how long. So long I didn’t even know what that felt like. That was the first step to actually feeling normal again.

Then, I got really sick back in February. I was sick for 6 weeks. Two sinus infections, two rounds of steroids, two rounds of antibiotics and the two rounds on medication for thrush. I was full of yeast that totally rampaged with the antibiotics and steroids. And this is when I discovered something else. Part of getting rid of the thrush was going on an extreme low carb diet and a yeast detox. Two weeks later, I felt better than I had in years. That’s when I realized, once I started digesting food, my body still wasn’t processing carbs effectively. So yeast is the byproduct. And while I was feeling better, I wasn’t 100%. Cutting the carbs got me there.

For the first time in years, I actually felt like doing things on the weekends. Then weeknights. I wasn’t just coming home and vegging out in front of the TV. And I felt like doing more around the house. I couldn’t believe how well I felt or how much energy I had. And all it took was limiting the amount of carbs I ate. I really didn’t think I ate a lot of carbs. I have never been a big pasta, bread or potato eater. But I ate a TON of fruit. I mean, fruit is good for you right? But I’d make a meal out of fruit sometimes. That along with the sugar in my coffee and tea and sodas and that’s a lot of carbs! So while I did love it, it was very easy to make the trade-off because of how much better I was feeling.

Then a funny thing started happening. I noticed my clothes fitting differently I’ve tried to diet more times than I can count over the years. I’ve lost the same 50 lbs and gained it back countless times since 1995. But this time around, I wasn’t thinking about losing weight. My focus was how I was feeling. And I was feeling great.

Since I started feeling better, I wanted to start running again. So I started the No Boundaries program through Fleet Feet in May. I trained and have ran 2 5k’s this year. I enjoyed the program and the accountability so I signed up again. And I’ve added in cross training in the gym to help. My next goal will be to run a 4 mile race in December. Then I want to do a 10k.

As I mentioned previously, my husband has MS. And he had a bad relapse in 2015. So bad that he’s been on leave from work since then. He is my motivation to keep going. It’s a horrible disease and he fights it every day. If he can get up and fight that battle daily, I have no excuse. I don’t have to fight my body to make it work. So I shouldn’t take that for granted. So I do what I do because I can and if I can, I should.

I just celebrated my 48th birthday the end of last month. I can honestly say, don’t feel 48. Last year at this time, my 68 year old mother was in better shape and got around better than I did. I’m 45 lbs lighter, have a body that can move and function better. And I will keep on keeping on. Why? Because I know how it feels to want to do things and not feel like it. I never want to be there again. And I want to do it to honor those who want to do it but their bodies don’t allow it. And they don’t have a way to fix it like I did.

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