Just There
Jordan Reid

As a yoga teacher, I hear you. It is so hard, even for us who write about it. I bet some people write about mindfulness because it is kind of the “in” thing, but it is real and it is important and it is hard, sometimes impossible. What helped me was making it relative and real. Just sitting and saying to be here doesn’t work most of the time. So, I lie down for a few minutes and close my eyes allowing whatever comes to come. Sometimes, I just sit on the patio. Sometimes, I craft (actually, I do this the most!). When I practice on my mat, I keep it short because I know an hour is too long for me to stay truly present. The language is esoteric but I do notice a difference when I stop for like 5 minutes. And when weeks go by where I haven’t stopped? I *try* to not beat myself up because that’s just me and it’s just life.

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