Lucy, Stephan, Julie — Photo Credit, Heather Hummel Gallagher

My Guardian Angels Wag Their Tails and Have Wet Noses

Have you ever had God call you directly and ask if you need a prayer answered? My husband and I received such a call just as our Dodge Ram 3500 truck towing our 39’ fifth wheel RV broke down on the side of a highway in Virginia. The Dodge started bucking like a bronco riding machine in a western bar. Fun in a bar; not fun when you’re towing a 14,000-pound RV.

Just as we pulled to a stop in the breakdown lane of the on-ramp to 288 South, my cellphone rings. I normally don’t answer unknown calls, and when I do, it’s normally a recorded message telling me I need to extend the warranty on my car (too late, people). However, when I answered this time, the expected recorded message gave an unexpected recorded message. “Do you need a prayer answered? Press one and send us your prayer request.” My husband and I looked at one another in disbelief. Really? God was calling us right now? AND, he wants to answer our prayers?I immediately pressed one and stated our prayer request asking for help with our situation.

Shortly after, we went on Facebook both on our timelines and in a local camping group and put out an APB for anybody with a truck that could tow a 5thwheel to call us. Within an hour, our roadside service with Geico came and towed the truck away to our mechanic 10 miles away. But we still needed somebody to tow the RV. 20 minutes later, somebody from the camping group called Stephen to say that they are in the area and they have a truck that can tow our RV. Great! Prayers answered! Until he showed up and the hitch wasn’t the same type. Prayers almostanswered.

I then had the idea to call some local campgrounds. One had three possibilities, but again, the hitches were different. We also called other garages with tow trucks because Geico was going to reimburse us the expense, they just didn’t have anyone on their list. After four garages and several suggestions, we finally found a tow truck driver who had the capability to tow our RV the 15 miles to home-sweet-home. He showed up, hooked up, and we were off. We were home before dark, it didn’t rain (a rare event in Virginia lately), and the RV, my husband, and I were safe.

So, what does this have to do with guardian angels having tails that wag and wet noses? On the way to our house, with the RV in tow, we ended up at a red light. The vehicle in front of us had the license plate LAB OWND.

We had just lost our black Lab, Lucy, a month earlier and I lost my yellow Lab, Stephan, four years ago and his sister, Julie, two years ago. That’s how I know my guardian angels have tails that wag and wet noses.

Lucy, Stephan, Julie — Photo Credit, Heather Hummel Gallagher

You will never be able to convince me that prayer doesn’t work! I also live by my life motto that “Dogs Rule” and since in the past four years, I have had to say goodbye to three of them, I know the love and loss a dog brings to our lives and the continue connection we have to them even after they pass away. After all, God spelled backwards is Dog.