We cannot let a murderous regime continue … destabilizing activities [across the Middle East] while building dangerous missiles,
The Myth of a ‘Better’ Iran Deal
Foreign Policy

This rhetoric slays me every time I hear/read it. Why do ‘world leaders’ continually proliferate this oxymoronic the double standard? Why not hold *every* state to this? Why is it acceptable…justifiable…for certain nations to impose this upon others while doing the exact thing they are condemning? Why is it an act of aggression when one sovereign does these things, but when others do it they are acting ‘defensively’?

Every leader of every sovereign state has the inherent right…DUTY to protect their citizens from outside aggressors. Nuclear-grade weaponry is excessive, unnecessary, and has the potential to destroy humankind as a species. All should be condemned, discontinued, and disposed, as should any agents of chemical/biological warfare, and anything capable of mass destruction.

We, as a species should have ‘evolved’ socially beyond the need for these things by now. Haven’t we done enough damage?

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