Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

This is extremely disappointing. I’ve been with Karma since the OG release, using it mainly when I travel (twice a year) and during power outages at home (rather more than twice a year). The whole “buy a lump of data and use it at your own pace until you need more” model was a perfect fit for me. I understand the business needs to be sustainable financially, but this undermines and reverses the entire premise of your business, and feels like a betrayal.

(Also, was the FAQ written by marketing wonks? Because the writing, with its overuse of jargon and abbreviations, repeated insistence that “no, no — this horrible thing will actually be a benefit for you,” and [deliberate?] obfuscation to a casual user of the Karma who doesn’t live and breathe your different data plans and simply wants a backup way to get online, just reeks of spin doctors rather than someone with the customers’ actual best interests in mind.)

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