No Straight Path to Innovation
Jennifer Cross

Jennifer, I loved everything about this article! Great photos and analogies with the entangled branches, nicely done. It’s a great thing for all types of teams to keep in mind. As a designer especially, that Edison quote really resonates. Redesigning complex systems is no easy feat and patience can be SO hard on so many levels!

Did you share this article with your client? How did they take it? I’m probably going to reference this sometime in the future as we’ve all been there. I appreciate the brevity and visual metaphor to explain an abstract, but very real and prevalent feeling.

I think this idea overlaps with many areas in life, further than business innovation. I’m thinking of those times of self discovery, wellness, renewal and healing.. it can feel very much like you’re doing the wrong thing or not making progress, but where there’s mess there’s magic.

Thanks for writing so beautifully.