Garden Your Future

All of the huhlabaloo we’re going through in a Trump run country is exposing and intensifying fear and ignorance. It is part of an earth experience as the planet rises in vibration. But amidst the confusion, we can be looking ahead. The shadows will not last forever. What do we want, once the light has come back on?

Working together, we can plant the seeds of what we want to harvest. If we leave it to chance, who knows what we will end up with. This is our world. Let’s set our earthly garden to the fruits that we prefer.

Planning now as gardener custodians, our time of turmoil will be shortened. The Universe will not have to figure out what the heck we want. We’ll have already put in our seed packet order. Create with our thoughts today what we want for our tomorrow.

Gardening Guidelines:

1. Keep your thoughts positive.
 The Universe does not comprehend the word ‘no’. When I say that I don’t want poverty, it only hears poverty. ‘No, Against, Protest, Anti’, these are all words that fall empty and meaningless in the quest for positive changes. What is left is exactly what we do not want.

Focus on what you want; bring it to life. Speak to the Universe in a language that it understands. It is filled with joy, bliss, peace, and love. That is where you need to come from as a gardener of the future. Speak the Native Tongue and you will be given what you want faster and easier. Think directly and clearly from your heart.

Rather than stating that you are against sexist comments, traffic, fracking, income inequality, keep to the positive.

2. Include everyone, as best you can.
 Our nation is being pulled apart. The gap between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is growing in too many groups to keep track of. There are the Republicans and Democrats. The Trump, Hillary, or previous Bernie supporters. Elite Liberals versus Rural America. Oligarchy families and the rest of us.

We can live in a garden that feeds us all. There is always a common ground. But finding it takes time. You need to be creative in your thinking. In the end, we all want the same things: peace, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.

The more you push your side of an issue, the more people will fight against you. Saying you are Pro-Life tramples the view of those who state they are Pro-Choice. The more you argue your side, the more aggressively people will defend theirs. But there is an outcome that both sides want: loved babies.

As tough of a pill ‘all-inclusive’ is to swallow, it is one we need to inch toward. How it will happen, leave that alone for now. The Universe has a way of offering creative solutions beyond what we may be at a loss for in our present view.

3. Act as if your garden has come to fruition.
 Call out, thank you! If you were to see a world with all our your positive, inclusive desires sprung to life, appreciation would be a wild rabbit nibbling on lettuce leaves and savoring every bite. You would be throwing up your hands in glee, dropping to the soil and rolling in the mud. What a joy to behold.

If you are being thankful for what you ‘see’, then the Universe will rush to get it to you.

Three sentence examples:
Thank you for the perfect amount of clean, fresh water that is easily accessible to all sentient beings.
I am grateful that every person has their basic housing needs met.
It is such a rewarding experience that the world values animals by treating them humanely.

Planting a garden takes vision, time, and energy. You do not stare at a plot of land and think that the seeds will be sowed by you just standing around thinking about it. You have to break the soil and sow the seeds. It takes work, but the labor can be joyful.

Now is the time to be planting the seeds for the fruits that we are ready to devour. Whether we want it to or not, the world is pushing forward to a higher frequency. Rather than resisting by focusing on fear and ignorance, start planning for this better world today.

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