Nazis killed most of my family within living memory, and you want me to condemn a Black man writing…
Mirah Curzer

You just said a few comments up that we should condemn ideologies… isn’t that kind of violent rhetoric part of that? Violence is either acceptable or it isn’t, and if you’re going to be about peaceful protests and condemn violence then it makes sense that you would condemn all violence. I’m not saying his anger is invalid, I’m just confused as to why it’s ok to put that kind of rhetoric out there which makes many white people nervous, which is also not invalid. What should we do to let people know we loathe and denounce neo-nazis, tattoo it on our foreheads? Violence and violent rhetoric is not ok. From anyone. Defending some just because the author’s anger is completely justified is extremely hypocritical, and escalation whether it’s physical or psychological or emotional is not helpful.

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