“Letting Go”

“To grow, we must say goodbye to old beliefs.” Sounds pretty simple and straight to the point right, but it can be one of the hardest transitions to make in life especially if you are not open to the idea of change. To some it may be considered their comfort zone and we all know how easy it is for us to want to stay in our comfort zone because we know it very well. Whether it’s dealing with relationships, work, life goals, or what ever it may be we sometimes tie change with fear. When change in my opinion should be paired with growth which is a significant important part of life. I wanted to put this out in the world because we deal with this on a daily basis and are sometimes afraid of letting go of the old and welcoming the new. We are definitely creatures of habit and it is easy to just go through the same routine daily and know the outcome. Just think of all you could be missing out on simply because you were to scared to take that chance and try something new in life. We only have one life that we are aware of so take that chance get out of that same routine you have been in. Even if its a small step, that is way better than doing absolutely nothing. Live life with out limitations!

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